We are passionate about what we do. We take time to listen and understand our patients' concerns and needs. We discuss why dental health is so important, not just for a good looking smile and clean breath but for your general well being also. This knowledge and commitment is shared by all members of the Speyside team.

By helping you keep healthy, we aim to keep treatment to a minimum. When you do need treatment, you can be reassured that you will benefit from the latest technology and techniques.

If you would like to try the Speyside Dental Clinic experience for yourself, give us a call on 01340 871 738.

The Speyside Dental Clinic Charter

We promise to do our best to deliver the following:

  • To make you feel welcome and safe while we care for you
  • To live our passion for preventive dentistry by making sure you have the healthiest teeth and gums possible
  • To provide you with clear explanations and choices for your dental health needs
  • To provide you with a written estimate of costs for your dental care before treatment
  • To maintain the highest standards of infection control procedure
  • To be available to you out of hours in case of a dental emergency. You can call Simon directly for help or just re-assurance
  • To inspire you to ask about all aspects of your care, so you understand what is possible in the exciting world of modern dentistry
  • To reduce risk to your health in any way possible, such as operating a totally latex free clinic and using digital x-rays to massively reduce potential radiation exposure
  • To continue to invest in training for all the team and equipment for the clinic so you have the best possible care
  • To treat you as we would wish to be treated ourselves